Macron’s Former Bodyguard Goes on Trial

A former security guard of French President Emmanuel Macron went on trial on Monday on several charges, including voluntary violence, illegally wearing a police badge, and carrying a weapon.

Alexandre Benalla, 30, was also identified for beating a protester during a 2018 May Day demonstration.

If Benalla were found guilty, he could face up to seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros ($118,000).

Benalla’s actions and the French government’s handling of the incident caused the French presidency to face a major political crisis.

The presidency has been accused of a cover-up for failing to report Benalla to the police until the existence of the video was revealed two months after the incident by the French newspaper Le Monde.

Following his dismissal from his ill-defined job at the presidential palace, Benalla held two diplomatic passports, which he used to travel to African countries. 

Benalla told a Senate committee that he thought he had permission to use them, but he had misunderstood.

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