Japan, U.S., and S.Korea Nuclear Envoys Hold Meeting after N.Korea Missile Test

Top nuclear envoys from Japan, the United States, and South Korea held talks on Tuesday after North Korea conducted a missile test over the weekend.

“The recent developments in the DPRK are a reminder of the importance of close communication and cooperation from the three countries, Sung Kim, the U.S. special envoy for North Korea, said.

Sung Kim added that “Washington remained open to diplomacy to deal with North Korea issues.”

The three countries discussed ways to encourage North Korea to return to dialogue through humanitarian aid and other incentives and to promote cooperation to manage the situation of the Korean Peninsula. 

North Korea said it successfully test-fired a new model of long-range cruise missile this weekend, and the “missiles flew for more than two hours covering about 930 miles of land and waters of North Korea,” the official Korea Central News Agency said.

Daniel Pinkston, a lecturer at Troy University in Seoul and a former Korean linguist with the U.S. Air Force, said that North Korea’s description of the cruise missile as a “strategic weapon” implies nuclear capability. 

“With a range of 1,500 km, it can strike all of Japan including the U.S. military bases on Okinawa, which certainly enhances Pyongyang’s ability to deter outside intervention for certain contingencies on the Korean Peninsula,” Pinkston said.

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