Northern Pakistan Rains and Mudslides Kill 17

Pakistan police reported at least 17 deaths and over a hundred injuries after torrential monsoon rains and mudslides hit northwestern Pakistan on Sunday morning.

Police officer Mohammad Nawaz confirmed the recovery of 11 bodies from the debris of mud and brick houses in the Tor Ghar district.

Nawaz added that rescuers were searching for the remaining victims, which included women and children.

Pakistan disaster management authorities said mudslides in the mountainous areas were delaying rescue efforts but, relief aid was underway.

In July, a heavy downpour in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, northwest Pakistan, killed 15 people and injured 26 others. 

In 2019, Pakistan recorded 161 deaths and 137 injuries due to heavy monsoon rains. 

The Associated Press reported that similar incidents during the monsoon season, which usually ends in mid-September, were common occurrences in Pakistan.

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