Netherlands Rules that Uber Drivers are Employees

The Amsterdam civil court has ruled that Uber drivers should be considered employees under the national labor laws for taxis.

The court said that three judges ruled that the legal relationship between Uber and its drivers “conforms to all the characteristics of an employment contract” and are entitled to the same benefits. 

The court has also ordered Uber to pay €50,000 to the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV).

FNV took Uber to court last year because the drivers reportedly earned too little and lacked rights because the company said that the drivers who work via their app are self-employed.

“A big win for the rights of Uber drivers. Uber is an employer and the drivers are employees, so they fall under the taxi collective agreement, the judge said today. That means better pay and more rights for drivers,” said FNV. 

Uber said it was disappointed with the ruling and claimed that the drivers prefer to be independent and do not want to give up their ruling. 

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