Venezuelan Spymaster Arrested in Spain

Madrid police have arrested on Thursday a former Venezuelan spymaster wanted on US narcoterrorism charges.

The police apprehended him in a hideout apartment nearly two years after he evaded extradition to Spain and vanished.

General Hugo Carvajal, who served as late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s spy in the Venezuelan military for over a decade, was arrested in his small apartment.

“He lived totally enclosed, never going outside or getting close to the window, always protected by people he trusted,” police said in a statement.

“During his two years on the run, in which he changed hiding every three months, he lived completely cloistered, never going out into the street at any time,” police said.

Carvajal’s extradition to the United States was approved by Spain’s supreme court in 2019, where he faces federal charges in New York and Florida for allegedly conspiring with guerillas from Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces to “flood” the US with cocaine.

Meanwhile, his wife said she is prepared for anything.

“I’m prepared for either situation, the good or the bad,” Carvajal’s wife, Angélica Flores, said.

“It’s up to him and others to give statements. This case will continue and we’ll see how it ends,” she added.

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