Putin Criticizes US over Afghan Crisis During BRICS Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the US and its allies for creating a “new crisis” in Afghanistan during the 13th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit on Thursday.

“The US and its allies’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to a new crisis and it is still unclear how this will affect regional and global security,” Putin said.

Putin added that the current crisis in Afghanistan is a “direct consequence of irresponsible attempts to impose foreign values ​​from outside, of the desire to create so-called democratic structures with the methods of socio-political engineering, without taking into account the historical and national peculiarities of other nations.” 

“The citizens of this country have fought for decades and deserve to exercise their right of defining what their state will look like on their own,” Putin said.

Putin also emphasized that BRICS members want Afghans to live in peace and dignity and would not want to see Afghanistan become a threat to its neighbors or a source of drug trafficking and terrorism.

The BRICS meeting was set two days after the Taliban announced members of its new government.

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