Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong Concerned about Local Vaccine Program Mistrust

Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong expressed growing concern about local vaccination program credibility. 

Migrant workers said that the recent scandal in Indonesia over data security and fake vaccine certificates hampered their chance of getting placements abroad. 

Eni Lestari, a spokeswoman for the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body in Hongkong said that the spread of fake vaccine certificates in Indonesia has created suspicion on migrant workers’ proof of vaccination.

“The Hong Kong government does not truly trust the vaccination records provided in the Philippines and Indonesia,” Lestari added.

On Monday, Jakarta police arrested four people for forgery, two of them used Indonesia’s national COVID-19 monitoring app to construct 93 fake immunization records. 

Central Java, Southeast Sulawesi, and Bali also reported cases of fake immunization certificates. 

Public policy expert Trubus Rahadiansyah said the rise of fake vaccine certificates is the outcome of a government policy enacted in haste requiring citizens to provide proof of inoculation in order to go about their daily lives.

“It’s also difficult to check vaccination data since the government monopolizes it,” Rahadiansyah said.

Earlier, the Indonesian government and digital platform companies such as Gojek and Google agreed that more dialogues are needed to ensure the personal data protection bill be passed into comprehensive, effective, and enforceable law. 

Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) researcher Wahyudi Djafar said that to date, Indonesia has no specific law that comprehensively stipulates personal data protection. 

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