Austrian Man Mummifies Dead Mother to Get Her Benefits

Austrian police on Thursday have said that they have discovered the body of an 89-year-old woman who died more than a year ago near Innsbruck in the Tyrol region.

Police said in a statement that the woman, who is believed to have suffered from dementia, had died in June last year. The woman’s 66-year-old son has kept her body in the cellar “in order to continue receiving benefits.”

The suspect admitted during interrogation that he froze her body with icepacks in the basement after she died to prevent the corpse from smelling. He then wrapped her in bandages to absorb any corporal fluid.

The suspect has been receiving his mother’s benefits by post every month but a new postman had recently asked to see the beneficiary. The postman was alerted when the suspect refused and reported it to the authorities. Police discovered the body on Saturday.

The suspect had pocketed €50,000 (£42,750) since June 2020 from his mother’s benefits. An autopsy ruled out that he had killed his mother.

Authorities charged the suspect with benefit fraud and hiding a corpse.

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