TikTok’s AI Reportedly Promotes Sexual Content to Children as Young as 13

TikTok has reportedly promoting sexual content, drugs, and alcohol to children as young as 13, an investigation revealed.

The publication discovered that TikTok offered the accounts with clips endorsing rape, drugs, and sexual fantasies, including some depicting caregivers and children, using numerous automated bots that were registered as users between the ages of 13 and 15.

According to the investigation, a ’13-year-old user’ on the China-based social media app searched for ‘onlyfans’ and watched a handful of videos, including two selling pornography.

The same teenage user was shown a series of sexually-oriented videos when viewing the for you page, the TikTok version of the Twitter feed.

Earlier, The Journal ran into content that is prohibited by TikTok’s community guidelines. Hundreds of videos were removed from the platform before they could be shared with TikTok, but 974 examples of explicit content were shared with the company.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s spokesperson did not respond for comment. However, the spokesperson told The Journal the company declined to comment on the video content.

Teenagers account for the majority of TikTok’s 100 million monthly active users. According to data from the company, minors made up more than a quarter of the app’s users last year.

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