German Police Raid Ministry of Finance and Justice

German prosecutors have ordered a raid against the federal finance and justice ministries in Berlin to probe possible obstruction of justice in office.

Osnabrueck prosecutors said they suspected that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the finance ministry allegedly failed to act on money-laundering warnings.

The investigation on the FIU reportedly started in 2020 after 2018 flagged €1m+ payment to Africa with suspected drug and terror links was not relayed to the police.

According to the prosecutors, they were trying to “probe whether and to what extent the leadership and responsible people at the ministries and other supervising units were involved in decisions by the FIU.”

The prosecutors also added that reports of suspicious money laundering activity have dropped drastically. since the FIU gained jurisdiction over money laundering cases in 2017.

There are still no reports of arrests or evidence that were found during the arrests. 

The justice ministry has also not yet commented on the raids. 

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