Afghanistan’s new PM Calls on Former Officials to Return

The head of the new Afghanistan government has called on former officials on Wednesday to return to the country, saying the group “will guarantee their security and safety.” 

Afghanistan’s new acting prime minister Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund also said in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, that the caretaker government would guarantee the security of diplomats, embassies, and humanitarian relief institutions.

Akhund reiterated his government’s intention to establish positive and strong relations with countries in the region and beyond. 

“We have suffered huge losses in money and lives for this historical moment in the history of Afghanistan. The bloodshed, killing, and contempt for people of Afghanistan has ended, and we have paid dearly for this,” Akhund said.

Akhund assured the Islamic nation that the new government “wants all the good,” and seeks to establish an Islamic system. 

On Tuesday, the Taliban announced its interim government, which has excluded women and other political factions from holding any position.

Supreme leader Haibatullah Akhunzanada also told Afghans that the new leadership would ensure lasting peace, prosperity, and development and that people should not try to leave the country. 

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