Vice-chairwoman of Tiananmen Vigil Organizers Arrested

Barrister Chow Hang-tung, the vice chairwoman of the Hongkong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (Hongkong Alliance), was arrested on Wednesday morning after refusing to cooperate with a national security investigation.

On Tuesday, Chow went to Hong Kong police headquarters to tell the officers she would not provide the requested information.

“I want to tell Hong Kongers that we need to continue to resist, don’t surrender to the unreasonable power quickly and easily,” Chow told the members of the press.

Police last month accused the Alliance of alleged collusion with foreign powers and demanded the group to hand over details of its activities, membership, and finances.

On Wednesday, Chow posted on social media that police were “ringing her doorbell and attempting to open the door.” 

Three other senior members of the group behind Hong Kong’s annual Tiananmen Square vigil were also arrested.

On Wednesday, police confirmed the arrest of four individuals in a statement but did not identify the individuals or confirm they were from the Hong Kong Alliance.

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