Twitter Tests ‘Soft Block’ Feature to Let Users Remove Unwanted Followers

Twitter has started testing a new “soft block” feature that allows users to remove unwanted followers without officially blocking them.

“We’re making it easier to be the curator of your own followers list,” Twitter said in the announcement of the trial, which is underway for a small group of users.

With the new privacy feature, users can remove a follower by going to their profile, clicking on “Followers,” then clicking on the three dot icon, and selecting “Remove this follower.” 

The users’ tweets will no longer automatically show up in the removed follower’s timeline.

Twitter will not notify the removed follower of the action.

The current block feature stops a user from viewing another user’s tweets and sending them direct messages and the move is often publicized  by uploading a screenshot of the notification that they have been blocked.

The new feature comes after Twitter announced a new “safety mode” last week, which temporarily blocks accounts for seven days for using harmful language or sending repetitive and uninvited replies and mentions.

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