Lafarge Found Guilty of Selling Cement to ISIS

France’s top court has found the cement giant Lafarge guilty of complicity in a crime against humanity for financing the Daesh/ISIS groups in the Syrian civil war.

Lafarge was accused of paying about $13.5 million and providing construction materials such as cement to armed groups to keep its business afloat in Syria.

While Lafarge acknowledged negotiating with Syrian armed groups to allow movement of their staff and goods within the warzone, it denied having made any payments.

According to a report by Anadolu Agency, Lafarge consistently informed the French intelligence of its relationship with the ISIS terror group in Syria.

An intelligence officer who appeared in court in 2018 admitted that the Interior Ministry used Lafarge’s relations with the Daesh to procure information from Syria.

“We approached the situation purely opportunistically, taking advantage  of Lafarge’s continued work,” the officer said in court.

The report said that Lafarge had discussed details of the company sending cement to the Daesh in more than 30 meetings with the French intelligence.

The Paris Court of Appeal dropped the “complicity in a crime against humanity” charge in 2019, stating that the payments were not intended to go to the Daesh’s terror activities.

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