Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Hit with Stones on Campaign Trail

Angry protesters hit Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with stones on Sept. 6 when he was returning to his bus during a campaign stop in London, Ontario.

A video shared on social media by CBC News producer Sarah Sears showed a crowd of angry protesters surrounding the bus and small objects could be seen thrown in Trudeau’s direction.

“As Trudeau was walking to the bus from the brewery, stones were thrown by the anti-Trudeau protesters. Two people travelling on our media bus got struck. They’re fine and not hurt,” CTV National News reporter Annie Bergeron-Oliver said on Twitter.

Bergeron-Oliver added that the stones were “small” and were “sort of like gravel. Something clearly picked up on the road.”

Trudeau later confirmed to reporters on his campaign plane that “a little bit of gravel” may have hit his shoulder but said that he was okay.

Trudeau further said during a campaign stop at Montreal that it was “absolutely unacceptable that people be throwing things and endangering others at a political rally.”

“Nobody should be doing their jobs under the threats of violence or acts to put them in danger,” Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party, said.

London Police said they were investigating the gravel-throwing incident, a spokesperson said, according to Global News.

Protesters against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and public health restrictions have disrupted Trudeau’s campaign before.

Last month, Trudeau was forced to cancel an election rally after angry protesters ambushed the event.

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