US Federal Aid Expires, Millions of Jobless Lose Benefits

Federal aid programs for millions of people across the United States who lost jobs to the COVID-19 pandemic are set to expire on Sep. 6.

More than 7 million out-of-work people will lose all federal unemployment benefits this week, along with around 3 million who will lose a weekly $300 enhanced benefit.

The expiring programs include assistance for the self-employed and gig workers, and an aid extension to those who are still unemployed after exhausting their state’s benefits.

Andrew Stettner, an unemployment expert at Century Foundation, tweeted on Sep. 2 that the cutoff is a “5-alarm fire” as more unemployed workers will struggle to find jobs amid the Delta variant threat.

President Joe Biden said that it is appropriate for the federal programs to expire as originally intended, reaffirming that states can use their COVID-19 funds to assist the unemployed.

CNBC Make It reported that 20 out of 50 states said that there are no plans on extending the federal assistance programs as relief funds are already earmarked for other projects.

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