UK to Implement Vaccine Passports This Month

UK Minister for Business and Industry and COVID Vaccine Deployment Nadhim Zahawi confirmed that vaccine passports in business venues in England will be required by the end of September.

Zahawi said that it was wise to start the initiative especially for venues catering to large crowds as most of those aged 18 and above will have been done with two doses of the vaccine. 

BBC reported that requiring vaccination proof had been criticized by some MPs and industry figures, but Zahawi had expressed that it would ensure that the economy could remain open, and the best way that this could be ensured is if they work closely with industry owners. 

Zahawi said that the government intends to offer booster shots to those aged 50 and above, as well as extending the immunization efforts to 12 to 15 year-olds if U.K. chief medical officers approve. 

Zahawi told Sky’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday: “We are looking at, by the end of September when everyone has had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, for the large venues, venues that could end up causing a real spike in infections, where we need to use the certification process.”

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