Palestinian Prisoners Escape Gilboa Prison Through Toilet Tunnel

Israeli police reported that six Palestinian prisoners managed to escape in one of Israel’s highest security prisons after accessing tunnels from the toilet.

Israeli authorities have started a massive police search just after the overnight escape of the fugitives. The men were believed to have dug a tunnel from their cell that led to a road outside Gilboa Prison’s walls over several months. 

Farmers notified authorities after observing them running through fields.

Police said that they had received reports that there were suspicious figures in agricultural fields.

“Overnight, we received a number of reports about suspicious figures in agricultural fields and from the prison service, which discovered very quickly that prisoners were missing from their cells and that six escaped,” police spokesman Eli Levy told Israeli Kan Radio.

The search effort was joined by police, soldiers, and agents from Israel’s powerful internal security agency, Shin Bet, officials said. 

Sniffer dogs and checkpoints have also been deployed in the area surrounding Gilboa.

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