Mayor of Rome Sues Regional Government Over Wild Board ‘Invasion’

Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has filed a criminal lawsuit on Sept. 1 against the surrounding Lazio regional government for what she described as a wild boar “invasion” near the Italian capital.

In the complaint filed with Italy’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, Raggi accused the authorities of the regional government of failing to implement “effective management plans,” leading to “the massive and uncontrollable presence of wild boar” in Rome.

ANSA reported that according to farm group Coldiretti, there was one wild boar incident every 48 hours in the past year.

Raggi said that it was the responsibility of the regional government to capture the boars and let them back to the wild, citing a 1992 law that says that regions must “provide for the control of species of wild fauna even in areas where hunting is forbidden.”

A widely-shared video on social media last May reignited the debate on the wild boars that have wreak havoc on lands and have caused fatal car crashes in recent years.

In the video, six wild boars surrounded a woman who had just come out of a supermarket near Rome and was forced to drop her shopping bag on the ground, which the family of boars immediately raided.

Last July, farmers staged a protest against what they called the “invasion” of wild boars into farmlands and cities across Italy.

Last year, Raggi ordered an investigation after police fatally shot a family of wild boars in a children’s playground near the Vatican, sparking protests by animal rights activists.

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