German Authorities Charge 6 Over 2019 $135M Jewelry Heist

German prosecutors charged six suspects with organized robbery and arson, who stole 18th-century jewels in a Dresden museum in 2019, on Thursday, September 2. 

The accused Germans allegedly broke into the Green Vault Museum on November 25, 2019 and stole 21 pieces of jewelry, which was worth 113.8 million euros ($135 million). The stolen jewelry consisted of more than 4,300 diamonds, which cost a total value of 113.8 million euros, or $135 million. 

DW reported that the prosecutors said the bandits were armed with a loaded revolver and an automatic loading gun with a silencer, after which they launched a fire before the break-in to interrupt the street lights’ power supply. They also set a car on fire in a garage nearby before traveling to Berlin.  

Investigations are ongoing to find the stolen jewels.

Prosecutors said that the accused are in their custody, but the six of them stayed silent about the accusations. Two of the thieves, however, are currently serving time for being involved in yet another heist that involved a 100-kilogram Canadian gold coin, “The Big Maple Leaf”, from Berlin’s Bode Museum in 2017.

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