Angolan Mine Toxic Leak Kills 12 in DRC, Poisons 4500 Villagers

A toxic leak from the Catoca Mining Company in Angola has killed twelve people and made 4,400 sick in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Catoca said last week that toxic runoff from the mine had leaked into a river in July through a breach before it was sealed.

Environment Minister Eve Bazaiba said that the toxic waste eventually made its way into the tributary of the River Congo and killed fish which some villagers nearby ate. 

“Tonnes of dead fish floating on the river… and then the first reflex was to take the fish,” said Bazaiba. 

Bazaiba said they would file damages against Catoca but did not say how much. 

Catoca’s stakeholders Alrosa and Endiama have not yet commented on the damage caused by the mine.

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