Air Pollution Slashing Life Expectancy of Billions Worldwide, Report Says

A report from the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) published on Wednesday has revealed that air pollution is cutting short the lives of billions of people by up to 5.6 years.

The researchers reported that coal burning is the principal culprit and India is worst affected with the average citizen dying six years early.

This dangerous trend will affect around 480 million people living in central, eastern, and northern India including New Delhi, according to the report.

China was able to reduced air pollution in the last seven years but air pollution is still shortening the average citizen’s lifespan by up to 2.6 years, the report said.

“Air pollution is the greatest external threat to human health on the planet, and that is not widely recognized, or not recognized with the force and vigor that one might expect,” said Professor Michael Greenstone at the University of Chicago.

Greenstone and his colleagues prepared the AQLI report as part of the annual report by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.

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