Afghan Evacuee Boy Dies After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms in Poland

A five-year-old Afghan boy, who was recently evacuated from Kabul after the Taliban takeover, died after eating poisonous mushrooms in Poland, officials said on Sept. 2.

“Brain death was confirmed today… We have declared the child dead,” Jaroslaw Kierkus, a doctor at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, said, as quoted by AFP News.

The boy’s six-year-old brother also ate the same mushrooms and has undergone a liver transplant, but remains critically ill due to the significant damage to his brain, according to the doctors.

“The prognosis for the boy’s survival is unfavorable,” Kierkus said.

The boys’ 17-year-old sister was also hospitalized for eating the same mushrooms the day after they arrived in Poland with their family last Aug. 23.

The sister has been discharged from the hospital after recovering.

Doctors said that the children’s parents were receiving psychological care at the hospital.

The poisonings are under investigation, according to prosecutors.

BBC News reported that local officials have denied media reports that said that the refugees picked and ate the mushrooms because they were not being sufficiently fed.

According to reports, the family picked the death cap mushrooms in the forest near the refugee center where they were staying in the town of Podkowa Lesna near Warsaw.

The death cap mushroom is the most poisonous organism in Poland, according to the Polish government.

Office for Foreigners Spokesperson Jakub Dudziak said earlier this week that the Afghan evacuees are given “three meals a day, consisting of varied ingredients with appropriate calorific value, including dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruit and drinks,” according to AFP News.

“In connection with this unfortunate accident, employees of centers for foreigners will sensitize Afghan citizens not to consume products of unknown origin,” Dudziak further said.

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