South Korean Health Workers Cancel Protest Plans After Agreement

South Korean frontline health workers canceled plans to strike after they have reached an agreement with the government on Thursday. 

Government officials had tried to hold off the strike on Wednesday but finally gave in to the health workers’ demand for better work conditions and additional personnel during overnight negotiations.

The government agreed to establish a recommended nurse-to-patient ratio, draft detailed nurse deployment guidelines by October, expand funding to subsidize those treating contagious disease to go into effect in January 2022, and establish at least four public infectious disease hospitals by 2024.

The union and the government met 12 times in the past but did not resolve the issue. 

The union had warned the government that about 80,000 members who claimed to be exhausted from battling waves of COVID-19 outbreaks would begin strike from Thursday if their demands were not met.

The union argued its workers were often working double or triple shifts and in need of better working hours and better pay.

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