Ivory Coast TV Host Convicted of Glorifying Rape

A television host in Ivory Coast has been convicted of glorifying rape after he invited a rapist on his prime-time show to demonstrate sexual assaults on a mannequin.

TV host Yves de Mbella has been given a 12-month suspended jail term and has been ordered to pay a fine of two million CFA francs ($3,609) on Sept. 1 after he encouraged his guest on the show to simulate rape on a dummy and to explain how he selected his victims.

The High Authority for Audiovisual Communication of Ivory Coast suspended de Mbella from all radio and television stations for 30 days, citing that his segment used obscene language, condoned rape, and attacked the dignity of women.

De Mbella has also been blocked from hosting the Miss Ivory Coast pageant on Sept. 4, Al Jazeera reported.

Furthermore, de Mbella has been banned from leaving Abidjan, the commercial capital of Ivory Coast, for one year.

The segment sparked nationwide condemnation and demanded de Mbella’s show to be cancelled in an online petition that garner nearly 50,000 signatures.

In the segment, Mbella also asked his guest if his victims “enjoyed it” and if he preferred them to be “slim or fat.” He also told the guest to give women “advice” on how to avoid getting raped.

According to Sky News, a spokesperson for Ivory Coast’s justice system said that the TV guest on the segment has been sentenced to two years in prison.

De Mbella has apologized for his actions on Facebook, saying that he was “sorry for anything that was said or done that hurt” during the segment.

“No words will suffice so I just ask your forgiveness again,” de Mbella added.

Private channel Nouvelle Chaine Ivorienne also apologized for the segment on Facebook.

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