China Bans Effeminate Men from Television

China’s government announced a ban on effeminate men on TV in a bid to  “clean up” the entertainment industry.

According to the National Radio and Television Administration’s new regulations, entertainment programs should firmly reject “deformed aesthetics” and “sissy idols” in order to focus on promoting “traditional Chinese culture, revolution culture, socialist culture.”

The government also called on state radio and television to resist “pan-entertainment tendencies such as hype to show off wealth and enjoyment, gossip privacy, negative hot spots, vulgar “net celebrities”, and bottomless review of ugliness.”

The new orders came after China’s recent regulations on media and the internet including the regulation of playing time for children. 

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration has also released new regulations to prevent the dissemination of “harmful information”, spreading gossip, or provoking scandal in fan groups that are popular in Chinese social media. 

After the announcement of the new regulations, the Chinese messaging platform Weibo Corp. has suspended thousands of accounts for fan clubs and entertainment news.

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