Taliban Surrounds Last Resisting Province, Calls for Peace

A senior leader said that the Taliban surrounded Panjshir, the remaining province opposing its rule, and called on the resistance to negotiate terms with the militant group.

Ahmad Massoud, son of a former Mujahideen commander, headed several thousand members of town insurgents and parts of special forces units that resisted the Taliban rule, according to reports from Reuters. 

The report cited a recorded speech from Taliban Senior Leader Amir Khan Motaqi, who called on the Afghans residing in Panjshir to put their weapons down. Motaqi said, “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is home for all Afghans.”

Motaqi said that there is no reason to fight, and that those who oppose the Taliban should be mindful that defeating the group was impossible, even with the aid of NATO and U.S. troops. Motaqi added, “But we are still trying to ensure that there is no war and that the issue in Panjshir is resolved calmly and peacefully.”

Spokesman for the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan Fahim Dashti said that the militant group initiated a foray two days ago and had been striking in three or four different areas, but the attack was unsuccessful.

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