Russia’s Putin Says U.S. Afghan Foray Produced Nothing but Tragedy

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, September 1, that the U.S. military arbitration in Afghanistan produced nothing but tragedy and showed it was impossible to impose foreign principles on other nations.

Putin said this in a conference with teenagers at an educational site in the Russian far east, clarifying that he considered the U.S. way to a country once invaded by the Soviet Union to have been intensely erroneous.

Reuters reported that Putin said the U.S. troops arrived on the territory for 20 years and have tried to influence and organize different facets of Afghan society including its political organization, according to the Americans’ norms.

“The result is only tragedies and losses of life for those who did it, the United States, and even more so for those people who live on the territory of Afghanistan. The result is zero, if not a negative one all-round,” Putin added. 

Putin said that in dealing with Afghans, it was essential to be aware of their culture, history, and their principles and that it wasn’t possible to impose foreign beliefs on them. 

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