Iceland’s Soccer Federation Board Resigns Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Iceland’s entire soccer Federation Board resigned after being accused of mismanaging sexual assault allegations perpetrated by players on the national team and denying at least one of the instances on Tuesday, August 31. reported that the mass resignation at the Football Association of Iceland (KSI) came days after the now-former chairman, Gudni Bergsson, said on Thursday, August 26, that the KSI leaders had not heard reports of sexual assaults.

Thorhildur Gyda Arnarsdottir spoke up publicly a day after Bergsson’s interview and said his denial was false and that he and the group were aware of an incident she reported four years ago. 

Arnarsdottir told that she and another woman were sexually assaulted in a club in Reykjavík by a famous player from the Icelandic national team in September 2017. They both suffered injuries and complained to authorities the next day. She added that her parents directly spoke to Bergsson.

Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir said, “It is of course very sad to see that it has really taken all this to kick this series of events into motion. At the same time, I also express my great admiration for the victims who have stepped forth and told their stories.”

Berggson resigned first, and the entire leadership followed suit late Monday, August 30. The board apologized to the victims and expressed that it believes them and promised to do better.

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