Geronimo the Alpaca Killed After Four Years of Legal Battle

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has ordered on Tuesday in Wickwar, near Bristol to euthanized Geronimo the Alpaca after four years of legal battle.

A team of four vets dressed in protective overalls from the Defra and supported by at least 10 police officers has put down Geronimo at about 11 am on Tuesday at Shepherds Close Farm in south Gloucestershire.

Helen Macdonald, the owner of Geronimo, brought the eight-year-old animal to England from New Zealand.

Geronimo tested negative after undergoing four skin tests for bovine tuberculosis (bTB) before his departure. The alpaca tested positive twice for bTB after his arrival at Macdonald’s Shepherds Close Farm near Yate causing Defra to order his killing.

Macdonald has pushed for the order to be overturned alleging that the test results are false positives and he is healthy. She argued that the test used on Geronimo was flawed because he had repeatedly been primed with tuberculin, a purified protein derivative of bovine TB bacteria, causing the positive test result.

Macdonald, a veterinary nurse, had called on Defra to allow Geronimo to be tested for the third time or let him live to aid research into the disease.

“I’m absolutely disgusted by this government. They know that they set him up four years ago with incompetence and bullying and a falsified test that has no validity and yet [here] we are this morning, Geronimo has been manhandled out of my farm,” said Macdonald to the media.

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