Double Child Murderer Colin Pitchfork Released from Prison

Double child murderer Colin Pitchfork has been released from prison on Sept. 1, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed.

Pitchfork’s release came after unsuccessful attempts to keep him imprisoned after the Parole Board concluded in June that he was “suitable for release.”

Pitchfork received a life sentence for raping and murdering 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth in the English county of Leicestershire in the 1980s.

“Life should have meant life in his case,” Ashworth’s mother, Barbara, told PA Media.

“I just think it should never have been allowed, he should never be walking the streets again. The law is the law and what they say goes, but it shouldn’t have come about he should have been locked away for life without parole as far as I’m concerned,” Barbara further said.

Alberto Costa, member of parliament for South Leicestershire, said in a statement that he was “extremely saddened and disappointed.”

“This case has made clear that the Parole Board’s opaque practices and processes must be reformed, and the system must work better for victims and their families,” Costa further said.

A Ministry of Justice Spokesperson said that Pitchfork is subject to “some of the strictest license conditions ever set and will remain under supervision for the rest of his life.”

According to the Parole Board, Pitchfork’s license conditions include living at a designated address, taking part in probation supervision, wearing an electronic tag, taking lie detector tests, and disclosing what vehicle he uses and who he speaks to.

Pitchfork, now 61, also faces limited contact with children, limitations on where he can go, restrictions on using technology, and a curfew.

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