Brazil Faces Energy Crisis Amid Severe Drought

Brazilian Mines and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque warned that Brazil’s energy cataclysm was worse than what was anticipated, as a record drought obstructs hydropower production.

Albuquerque said in a televised national address, “Today I return to inform you that our hydro energy conditions have worsened. The rainy season in the south was worse than expected. As a result, the reservoirs of our hydroelectric power plants in the southeast and midwest suffered a greater reduction than expected.”

He said that the drought caused Brazil to lose hydropower output and equated the energy expended by Rio de Janeiro in five months. Albuquerque emphasized that Brazilians must maximize ways to control the problem, and those federal government agencies had been instructed to cut electricity utilization by 20 percent.

Al Jazeera reported that the energy ministry announced that the government will raise consumption charges due to the drought, with consumers paying an average of 6.78 percent more for electricity beginning September 1. Regulators have already hiked the prices several times because of the situation.

Albuquerque convinced Brazilians to make use of natural resources and lessen the consumption of electric appliances and said the ministry approved incentives for those who will be complying with energy conservation.

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