Bali Bombers Formally Charged

The suspects of the Bali bombings in 2002 were formally charged Tuesday after 18 years under United States custody.

The three men appeared before a military judge in a secure courthouse at the US Naval Station Guantanomo Bay in Cuba for a supposed brief arraignment on Monday but extended to Tuesday amid defense lawyers’ complaints about courtroom interpreters. 

“Frankly after this two-day arraignment, I didn’t see any evidence that he would get a fair trial,” Christine Funk, defense attorney for Mohammed Farik bin Amin said.

Brian Bouffard, defense attorney for Mohammed Nazir bin Lep added that the arraignment was so flawed “it should be done” again.

The judge, a Navy commander, allowed the proceeding to continue despite repeated objections, Associated Press reported

The three men, Encep Nurjaman, the Indonesian militant leader known as Hambali, and the two Malaysians, Mohammed Farik bin Amin and Mohammed Nazir bin Lep, were tried by a military commission and charged with murder, terrorism, and conspiracy.

The defendants have not yet entered pleas.

All three allegedly carried out the suicide bombings in Bali in 2002 and Jakarta in 2003, killing 213 people, including seven Americans and 88 Australians. 

The three men remained in US custody for 18 years since their capture in 2003.

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