Brazilian Robbers Tie Up Hostages to Cars in Araçatuba

A senior state security official in Brazil said at least three people died in a series of deadly bank heists where robbers tied hostages to the roofs and hoods of their getaway cars to act as human shields on Monday.

Sao Paulo’s military police said about 20 heavily armed men and ten getaway cars were involved in the heist targeting banks in the small city of Aracutaba, a northwestern state of Sao Paolo.

Reuters reported that the robbers burned cars and left a trail of explosive booby traps across the city to create confusion.

The robbers also used drones to monitor the streets, hit the banks, and made their getaway.

A video posted on social media showed two cars driving slowly with people tied on top of the vehicles.

“Aracatuba was shaken by highly dangerous criminals who fired thousands of shots,” Police Commander Colonel Rodrigo Arena said.

Arena confirmed the arrest of three of the suspects adding that the federal police were taking over investigations.

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