Russian Government Blocks Independent News Outlet Readovka

The Russian government blocked the website of independent news outlet Readovka and added it to its register of information prohibited in the Russian Federation.

“The Readovka website was included in the register of prohibited ones. This happened at the suit of the Moscow region bailiffs,” announced Readovka on Telegram. 

According to Readovka, they were blocked because they wrote about the hidden wealth of State Duma deputy Dmitry Sablin.

Because of the story, Sablin has sued Readovka twice and forced them to remove the story from their page along with an enforcement fee of 50 thousand rubles from state regulator Roskomnadzor (RKN.)

According to state newspaper Kommersant, Readovka complied with the bailiff’s request and blocked its own website and removed the material but the Vidnovsky City Court still ordered RKN to block the site.

In response to the blocking, Readovka moved to its new domain: readovka. news.

“But in modern Russia, even complying with all the requirements does not guarantee security for media outlets,”  commented  Readovka’s publisher Alexei Kostylov.

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