Peru Amazon Riverboat Collision Kills 11

The Peru government said in a statement that two riverboats collided in the Amazon leaving 11 passengers dead and others missing. 

The boat crashed into a freight barge amidst thick mist at dawn at 5:30 local time (10:30 GMT) on the Huallaga River in Muyuna on Sunday, August 29, according to Al Jazeera report citing state channel TV Peru. The passenger boat, Ayachi, upended because of the collision. 

The National Institute of Civil Defense said, “So far there is an undetermined number of missing persons, as well as 11 dead and six injured.” 

Firefighters, policemen, and sailors spearheaded the search for those who have disappeared. 

Local television footage showed the survivors grieving on the riverbank as the authorities carried some bodies away. The survivors said that families were included in the damaged boat and included 20 children. 

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