Massive Fire Engulfs Residential Building in Milan

A massive fire has engulfed a 20-story residential tower block in Milan, northern Italy on Aug. 29.

Footage uploaded by Italian fire services on Twitter showed the 60-meter tall building called “Torre dei Moro” in flames and in thick black smoke visible from kilometers as firefighters work to extinguish the blaze.

The flames burned for hours after over a dozen of fire trucks and ambulances reported to the scene.

Mayor Giuseppe Sala told reporters that about 20 people were evacuated without incident and that there were no reports of injuries or deaths.

“The firefighters entered house to house, breaking down the doors to see if anyone was left inside. Luckily, we can breathe a sigh of relief because all the tenants have answered the call,” Sala said, as quoted by Italian newspaper Corriera della Sera.

According to the fire services, the flames started from the upper floors of the building then quickly spread to the lower levels of the tower in the southern outskirts of Milan in the Lombardy region.

According to fire brigade officer Carlo Cardinali in the report by Corriera della Sera, the building was not going not collapse because the flames did not affect the inner reinforced concrete structure, unlike the external one.

A resident told the Italian newspaper that the panels on the façade of the building were supposed to be fire-resistant, “but instead they burned quickly like butter.”

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation against unknown individuals, Corriera della Sera reported.

The building is part of a recent development project and was designed to look like the keel of a ship with an aluminum sail on its roof, which burned and fell into pieces.

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