Israeli Army Bombs Hamas Sites in Gaza over Fire Balloons

The Israeli military said that its air force bombed two Hamas sites in Gaza early on Sunday after Palestinian forces launched incendiary balloons into southern Israel.

According to the Israeli army, hundreds of Palestinians clashed with its forces on the border between Israel and Gaza Strip Saturday night, throwing explosives and burning tires into Israeli territory.

The army said that its forces only responded with “riot dispersal means.”

It said Israeli “fighter jets struck a Hamas military compound used for manufacturing weapons and training as well as an entrance to a terror tunnel adjacent to Jabalia.”

“The [air] strikes were in response to Hamas launching incendiary balloons into Israeli territory and the violent riots that took place yesterday,” it said in a statement.

Palestinian groups announced on Saturday that they were resuming protests to pressure Israel to stop isolating and to ease restrictions on Gaza, as well as allow aid to reach the territory.

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