Chinese University Directs Colleges to Identify LGBTQ+ Students’ ‘State of Mind’

A prominent Chinese university has directed its colleges to list their LGBTQ+ students and to report on their “state of mind,” according to a “Campus Survey” shared on social media.

Shanghai University directed its colleges to “investigate [and] research” students identified as LGBTQ+, citing unspecified “relevant requirements,” British news outlet The Guardian reported.

The internal directive requested information on the “psychological condition” — including “mental disorders” if they have any — and “ideological positions” — including political stances, social contacts, and life plans — of anyone who is “non-heterosexual,” New York-based SupChina reported.

The original post containing a screenshot of the document in Chinese social media platform Weibo has been taken down, according to user Bābǎi Yīwàn Lǐ.

“It looks like Shanghai University isn’t the only university to ask for ‘reports’ on LGBT students and keep track of them. Whether the school’s intention was good or not, this is horrendous,” the Weibo user said on the original post, as quoted by media outlets.

However, the screenshot of the document has also been shared on Twitter, sparking concerns and discussions on China’s ongoing crackdown on sexual minorities.

Shanghai University has yet to respond to queries about the directive, The Guardian reported.

The directive came after dozens of social media accounts of LGBTQ+ university students, including official accounts of student clubs and grassroots groups, were blocked and deleted without warning last July.

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