Alibaba Fires 10 Staffers for Publicizing Sexual Assault Allegations

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has fired 10 employees after publicly sharing a female coworker’s statement that indicated her sexual assault accusations against a former supervisor of the company, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

In an internal memo, Alibaba announced last week that it fired the staffers after leaking screenshots of their female colleague’s statement posted on the company’s internal forum.

The account detailed the woman’s harrowing experience after being allegedly raped by her senior colleague, who happened to be a former manager of the company.

Alibaba dismissed the group of employees because they leaked screenshots of the woman’s post in a public domain after removing watermarks that contained details about their identities, Bloomberg said, citing sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The sources also told Bloomberg that another three people have been reproached for making improper and unprofessional comments in public forums.

Alibaba has faced rigorous criticisms after the account of one of its female employees surnamed Zhou became viral earlier this month.

Zhou recounted her experience of being sexually assaulted while on a business trip on August 2 and how the company’s higher-ups ignored her even after reporting the incident to them.

In response to Zhou’s experience, Alibaba’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Zhang fired the accused manager. He also accepted the resignations of the company’s two senior executives for failing to resolve the issue.

Zhang then vowed to increase the protection for the female employees of the company and said that they will do their best to look after the welfare of Zhou regardless of the results of the police investigation.

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