U.K. to Proceed with Kabul Evacuations Despite Deadly Airport Attack, Says PM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that his government will push through with its evacuation efforts in Afghanistan after presumed suicide bombers attacked the crowded gates of Kabul airport which killed 13 people and injuring dozens on Thursday, August 26.

Johnson said Britain’s aircraft will continue “going up until the last moment” after he chaired an emergency response meeting regarding Afghanistan’s situation. 

Johnson said, “We are able to continue with the program in the way we have been running it, according to the timetable that we have got and that is what we are going to do.”

The prime minister said that the military had been bracing themselves for the evacuation for months and were aware of the security threats. He added, “There were always going to be vulnerabilities to terrorism and opportunistic terrorist attacks. We condemn them, I think they are despicable, but I am afraid they are something we had to prepare for.”

Johnson extended condolences to the Afghans and members of the U.S. military who were killed.

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