Kabul Evacuation Flights Resume Just Hours After Bombings; More Than 100 Dead so Far

Evacuation flights have resumed at the Kabul airport just hours after alleged ISIS-K operatives conducted several suicide bombings that killed almost a hundred Afghans and 13 US Personnel.

“We have seen a number of planes take off. The number of people around the airport has grown dramatically since yesterday. We have seen thousands of people scrambling up against a wall there desperate to get on the few remaining planes,” said Al Jazeera Reporter Charles Stratford.

Canada, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and other NATO allies have already ended their evacuation flights but the number of their citizens and Afghan partners that were left behind is still undetermined.

On Thursday, the multiple bombings outside the Kabul airport have raised alarm for the US and its NATO allies while causing fear for Afghans wanting to leave the country.

An unnamed Aghan health official claimed that as many as 169 Afghan citizens may have died during the blasts but there is no official confirmation yet from the ruling Taliban government.

Currently, the US is rushing to meet its August 31 deadline while it expects more ISIS-K attacks soon.

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