Greece Announces Restrictions for Unvaccinated

Greece Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias announced on Thursday restrictions for unvaccinated individuals to take effect mid-September until the end of March.

Kikilias said unvaccinated workers would be required to have weekly or twice-weekly testing and not allowed access to some indoor venues unless they have proof of COVID-19 recovery.

AP reported that people working in academia, tourism, restaurants, cafes, bars, and in entertainment productions, as well as school and university students, would be required to undergo two tests per week.

“It is our obligation towards the millions of citizens who spent 18 months of the pandemic being careful for themselves and their fellow citizens, who stayed up nights for weeks caring for patients, who shut their shops and lost their jobs in this huge pandemic, who worked remotely, who studied remotely,” Kikilias said.

Under the new regulations, all private and public workers without proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus would have to undergo one rapid test per week.

The measures included the mandatory wearing of masks in indoor public areas and outdoor crowded areas. 

Kikilias confirmed no grace period would be given for the suspension from work from September 1 of health care and care home workers who refuse to get vaccinated. 

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