Fashion Retailers Agree to Extend Bangladeshi Garment Workers’ Safety Pact

Major global apparel brands on Wednesday have agreed to extend for two years a pre-existing agreement with garment workers and factory owners in Bangladesh to ensure workplace safety standards.

The deal’s deputy director Joris Oldenziel and representatives for UNI Global Union and IndustriALL Global Union signed the agreement confirming the content of a copy of the pact.

The new agreement named the International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry will supersede the original agreement known as the Bangladesh Accord which was due to expire on August 31. The new agreement will take effect next Wednesday, September 1.

The new version will extend its coverage to general health and safety, rather than only fire and building safety.

“This International Accord is an important victory towards making the textile and garment industry safe and sustainable. The agreement maintains the legally binding provision for companies and most importantly the scope has been expanded to other countries and other provisions, encompassing general health and safety,” said Valter Sanches, the IndustriALL Global Union general secretary.

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