DR Congo Floods Displace 1500 Families

The Democratic Republic of Congo authorities said on Thursday that more than one thousand families have been displaced after their houses were washed away by the flood.

“It was raining, and we were in our houses preparing meals when suddenly saw water coming from Mount Mikeno invading our houses. We were afraid and fled without taking anything with us,” a resident told Africa News.

Local authorities said the recent eruption of Mount Nyiragongo could have caused flooding in the area.

The residents said they needed humanitarian aid and help in the reconstruction of their main road that was cut off during the flood.

“At least 1,500 houses were washed away by this flood that hit our village Nyamagana as well as our neighbors. In short, our whole village was affected, another resident said in an interview.

The recent flooding was the second to hit Rutshuru territory while the first one was in 1978.

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