Russia Also Pulls Out of Afghanistan Amid Security Threats

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s defense ministry to begin to evacuate its citizens and personnel from Kabul due to alleged security concerns.

“Under the instruction of President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister and Army General Sergei Shoigu on Aug. 25 organized the evacuation of more than 500 citizens of Russia, CSTO member-states (Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and Ukraine by military transport aircraft from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” announced Russian state media Interfax, 

The Defense Ministry said that four military transport aircraft will be used to airlift Shoigu and the CSTO members. 

The ministry added that medical personnel and equipment would be on the aircraft to provide medical assistance to the evacuees. 

Russia however, has not released details on the alleged security threat.”

During the fall of Kabul, the Russian embassy was one of the few embassies that did not make evacuation plans after the Taliban took over. 

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