Qatar Offering COVID Vaccinations to Afghanistan Evacuees Yet to Transit

Qatar’s foreign ministry offered COVID-19 vaccines and PCR tests to evacuees from Afghanistan on Thursday, August 26, who temporarily stayed in the Gulf Arab state, which has been monitoring international evacuation efforts since the Taliban takeover.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that it assisted in depopulating more than 40,000 people to Doha and will push through facilitating international efforts “in the coming days”.

A senior Emirati official told a news briefing on Thursday that the United Arab Emirates helped evacuate 36,500 people, including 8,500 coming to the UAE through national carriers.

The senior official added that the U.A.E., in coordination with the United States, has set up a transit hub in Abu Dhabi for the refugees to undergo safety screenings before venturing to the United States or other countries.

Qatar agreed with the United States to host 8,000 Afghans for the time being while U.A.E. and Kuwait will grace 5,000 Afghans.

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