Canada Ends Afghan Evacuation Mission

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada has ended its evacuation missions from Afghanistan.

“We have been working day and night over the past months, past weeks to get as many people out as possible. So I understand the heartbreak to those who were not able to get out as the temporary air bridge is closing,” said Trudeau.

Canadian forces have managed to airlift at least 3,700 people since the Taliban took over.

Canadian acting chief of the defense staff Gen. Wayne Eyre expressed that they would have wanted to evacuate more people but the security situation on the ground was deteriorating. 

“That we could not is truly heartbreaking. But the circumstances on the ground rapidly deteriorated. Now this is an extraordinary humanitarian crisis. But make no mistake: this is a crisis of the Taliban’s making,” said Eyre. 

There is no available information from the Canadian government on how many Canadian citizens and Afghan partners were left behind.

Some former Afghan Air Force pilots have also asked Canada for rescue after escaping to Tajikistan.

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