Animal Rights Activists Dye Buckingham Palace Fountain ‘Blood’ Red

Animal rights activists dyed the water fountain outside the Buckingham Palace in London “blood” red on Aug. 26 to protest against the use of crown lands for hunting and animal agriculture.

Animal Rebellion, the separate yet sister movement of climate protest group Extinction Rebellion, accused the Queen of having “blood on her hands” and the rest of the British Royal family of “decimating the environment.”

The protest was “to symbolize the blood on the Queen’s hands and the royal family’s crimes against animals and our planet,” Animal Rebellion co-founder Dora Hargitai said, according to British news outlet The Guardian.

Animal Rebellion Spokesperson Harley McDonald-Eckersall said in a statement that the use of the crown lands for hunting and agriculture “not only decimates our environment but cause the deaths of millions of lives every year.”

“Crown land should be used to grow healthy, nutritious food for all and to provide homes for the animals we share this country with,” McDonald-Eckersall said, demanding the Queen to end the use of crown land for industries that contribute to the climate crisis.

The group was also protesting the Queen’s attempts to have her private land exempted from an initiative to cut carbon emissions, a report revealed in July.

The Metropolitan Police said on Twitter that they have made arrests at the Animal Rebellion protest.

According to the updates from the police, they made seven arrests while policing Extinction Rebellion protests on Aug. 26, bringing the total number of arrests since Aug. 22 to 289.

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