Taiwan’s First Private Rocket to Launch from Australia This Year

Taiwan Innovative Space Company (TiSPACE) has announced on Monday that it has received its first rocket launch permit from the Australian government.

TiSPACE partnered with the Australian space company Southern Launch to send the first Taiwanese rocket into space after being granted approval from the federal government.

TiSPACE will conduct a test flight of its suborbital rocket Hapith I from Southern Launch’s Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

“We are still working with government agencies, including the Australian Space Agency, TiSPACE, and other stakeholders regarding the launch timeline, including the date for launch,” said a spokesperson for Southern Launch.

Hapith I is a 10-meter-long rocket whose name came from the Taiwanese indigenous language Saisiyat which means flying squirrel.

The launch will test the rocket’s propulsion, guidance, and data collection systems.

Hapith I rockets will be used to deliver satellites weighing up to 390kg into low-Earth orbit, at altitudes of up to 700km if the test launch proves successful.

The Australian Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology and the Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Investment described the approval as “an exciting moment that adds to the growing momentum in Australia’s space sector.”

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